Empowering & Ensuring Children's Rights


Preparing parents and Caregivers for early childhood education in Southern Rajasthan.

Strengthening Community Service delivery Platform (ICDS & TAD) to reach Parents of 0-6 year with Critical Information on Response Core to Improve Nutrition Results in Girwa Block of Udaipur District.

Unnati Sansthan runs one early childhood education center (Balwadi) in Pipli ‘B’ Gram panchayat in Rishabdev block of Udaipur supported by Manford Allianz Bangalore.

In this center 30 Children are enrolled and they are gating their pre primary education with Joyful learning and nutritious food.

This center has been started on 1st December 2016.

Since August 2016 Unnati Sansthan has started to work with children and persons with disabilities with support of CBM. During the period Unnati has done base line survey in 30 panchayats to identify the numbers of persons with disabilities and their status in communities.  In schools most of the children with disabilities are absent or irregular.
Unnati is committed to ensure that every child completes a quality, Inclusive Education without discrimination or exclusion. In the last one year, Our Inclusive Education Programme has supported Children with Disabilities in 150 Villages. We help children with Disabilities to access primary and secondary schools that meet their needs. Unnati is also creating awareness among the communities towards the Right of person with disabilities and breaking the barrier which are taking place in way of Inclusion for children with Disabilities.
Girls with Disabilities experience greater exclusion and injustices as results of their disabilities and gender. They are less likely to go to school and are often considered a burden on the family because they are seen as a non productive member of Society.
Unnati is Motivating parents of Children with Disabilities through various activities for sending their children to schools.
Within one year Unnati enrolled 100 children with Disabilities in Primary and Upper Primary school and promote the participation and involvement of children with Disabilities in school activities. In schools Child Cabinets are becoming platform for children with disabilities where they are sharing their experiences with other friends. 30 persons with disabilities have been linked with government entitlements, assistive devices and pensions.

Objectives of this programme:
1. To mainstream children with disabilities through an effective education process, working in partnership with the Education department and the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (‘Education for all’) departments in the State of Udaipur, in Rajasthan.
2. To Ensure and increase the participation of children with disabilities, girl child and child labourers in school and families so that they can be important part of decision making.
3. Strengthen SMCs and Education Standing Committees to ensure that they have the capacity to contribute to support the children with disabilities for receiving “meaningful and quality Education” under the provision of RTE Act.
4. Advocacy plateforms strengthen for the existing village level groups,PRIs,block, district , for working on the issue of persons with disabilities in their respective areas and supporting their Rights , so that parents, teachers and children all can understand the importance of education.
5. Identification of Persons with disabilities and their linkages with government’s social protection schemes/ entitlements and pension schemes.
6. To advocate and address the issue of child rights and Rights of Persons with disabilities in community through sensitization meetings.
7. Increase and creates opportunities for persons with disabilitie in communities .
8. Disable Peoples Organizations form and strengthen for advocating govt entitlements so that they can exercises their Rights.